Web and WordPress Help.

Specifically, I need to backup this site, update WordPress, and migrate nearly a dozen other domains to a new ICANN-approved website (mine gave up after 15 years of business).

Can’t pay much more than $25 an hour, so a web professional who does this kind of work for an actual living is right out the door. Maybe a student or someone who’s willing to do it for pay plus food and/or booze … ?

If you can help (or know someone who can), please comment here and I’ll get back to you.

By the way, my lack of writing is directly related to my inability to backup and update WordPress. So if you enjoy my ramblings, no matter how infrequent, please consider helping a sistah out.

Much obliged.

3 Responses to “Web and WordPress Help.”

  1. Melissa Maudite Says:

    Working on some classes through Lynda.com
    I’ll reach out if/when I feel comfortable working on something like this, but am definitely interested in helping, as I miss your writing. :)

  2. Joy Rohde Says:

    Hey Diva,

    Tim does WordPress sites. It wouldn’t be a problem for him at all (he did the Rocky Mountain Revels site on WordPress) and he’s cheap – I’m thinking he could do this for your price. I’ve put his email in the mail field – reach out to him if you’re still looking.


  3. Diva Says:

    Received the email and it may be a lifesaver. Seriously, I miss writing here so damned much…. I’ll be in touch after Revels is done though. For obvious reasons. *goes back to rehearsing*

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