Back Up.

I finally found some time today to back up this site and update the software on which it runs. After 5 hours, I’m giving up.

I tried the original backup program I had, which I had no idea had been failing for months until I downloaded the “backup” and found it completely corrupted.

I then attempted four new and different WordPress backup plugins. Each one took a dump for one reason or another, including one which couldn’t ever authenticate my Dropbox … a phrase that, if you’d shared it with me ten years ago, I would have sworn was some kind of sexual innuendo.

I even reverted to the old school ftp download (!). Seriously, I’m that desperate. It didn’t work, so I logged on and discovered every page of my web host company’s FAQ for ftp settings links to nothing but 404 pages.

I don’t know how IT folks deal sometimes. This is bullshit.

Have you tried turning it off and back on?

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