Fun, Fun, Fun.

Just in case anyone out there thinks this self-employment thing is all fun and no real work, here’s an actual excerpt from a document I’m proofing and editing today:

Revisions to the manual should cover documentary changes which do not impact the showing of compliance with Part 21. All revisions to the manual or its referenced procedure should be provided to EASA for information only.

Picture that for 42 mostly single-spaced, font size 11 pages. *yawn* But on the bright side, our taxes are done.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, let me say a 35-40% self-employment tax rate is just too damned high. It means if a person makes $50K all by their lonesome at home, they owe the gubmint $17,500 to $20K for the year.

Doing the math, that leaves +/- $30K to live on which, IF I worked 40 hours a week, would be a decent $14.42 an hour wage. But anyone who works for themselves can tell you the work takes up much more time than that, especially when you’re on the road as much as we are for business.

So yes, as a matter of fact, I agree with this article I ran across this morning: The greatest trick the rich ever pulled was making us believe they pay all the taxes. The taxes collected this time of year to support our country don’t come from Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, or Mitt Romney; they come from you and me, kids.

And I’d like to join some sort of fight against this financial tyranny, but right now I’ve got to finalize travel arrangements, update accounts payable and receivable, finish reading over this stupid boring document, and come up with ways to make my quarterly tax payments without depleting my personal savings or retirement funds any further.

Don’t know how people with kids do it.

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