They Come in Threes.

I had one of those “we need a lot of temps for a week” jobs back in the 90s and, during the course of normal conversation, I casually mentioned I had three ex-husbands.

A coworker gasped loudly and said, “Three husbands! Where are they?!”

Another coworker responded in a hushed tone, very conspiratorially:

“They’re in her basement. You wanna buy one?”

That guy remains my friend to this day.

Fellow blogger Rubber Shoes in Hell jogged this memory recently, specifically her posts 33 Things I Learned From Being Married 3 Times and today’s follow-up, 13 More Things I Learned From Being Married 3 Times.

Go read the rest of her stuff. It’s great. She’s right on about a lot of life.

Shuttlecock IS a fun word.

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  1. michelle Says:

    Oh, thank you SO MUCH! I am glad you liked the posts!


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